Beta Hell

Ugh I think I’m in beta hell! Second beta today at 16dp6dt is 26. Beta on Monday was 17. Doctor doesn’t think this is a viable pregnancy but since the numbers didn’t go down I have to continue meds and recheck beta in a week. Definitely sucks to be stuck in this weird limbo of wishing we could just move on to transfer #2, but still hoping for a miracle on this one, while also now worrying about an ectopic pregnancy.
R and E have been great about all of it!  They messaged me after the first depressing beta saying that whatever happens we are good,  these things work in mysterious ways, let’s keep our fingers crossed for this time and stay positive if we have to move to the next transfer, and that we are in it together.  β€οΈ

So, yet again, we wait.  (Hmm….maybe the title of my blog needs to be changed to “We Wait” πŸ˜‰).  


Beta #1

I had my first beta test today, which is a quantitative test that measures how much of the pregnancy hormone HCG is in the blood.  Unfortunately, my level came back at only 17 which is considered a positive for pregnancy but extremely low for 14 days past transfer.  Our doctor doesn’t think this is a viable pregnancy.  Especially knowing that the digital test I took last week needed a level of at least 25 to give a positive result.  Since I had a positive result on that test and now my level is 17, we can assume my levels are moving downward.  We will repeat beta on Wednesday, hoping for a miracle but anticipating that it’s very very very unlikely.  For now, we wait some more.  

Cautiously Optimistic

I’m still feeling vey pregnant.  My lines haven’t gotten a ton darker but they are definitely still there.  And yesterday I took a less sensitive digital test and it said “pregnant”!  So, for now, I’m cautiously optimistic.  R and E decided they want to wait for beta to hear any results (I think they know it’s still early and they don’t want to get their hopes up) but it’s killing me not telling them!  It’s hard feeling excited and not sharing it with them.  Oh well, only a few more days until beta.  


I’m going to continue feeling cautiously optimistic and enjoy the holiday!  Merry Christmas everyone! 


Grow Baby Grow!

It’s been six days since our transfer and I am absolutely feeling pregnant!  I am super nauseous, tired, hungry, and everything smells horrible!!!  

I’ve taken several home pregnancy tests and my lines are slowly getting darker!  My husband has even been able to see the last two lines.  πŸ˜‰

Let’s hope my symptoms continue, the lines keep getting darker, and this baby keeps growing!  

I haven’t told R and E yet.  I’m hoping to get a clearer positive test – wouldn’t it be a great message to give them on Christmas?!  We’ll see if I can keep it to myself until then…

  Can you see the line?  It’s faint but it’s there! 

Super Squinter?!?!

I am 5 days past transfer today.  I’ve taken two pregnancy tests already (yes yes I know, I’m so impatient!).  The first one was on Thursday afternoon and clearly was negative.  But this morning’s test I swear I can see a super squinter of a line.  Well, it’s more of a shadow of a line but still, it’s something!!!    I can’t wait to test again!  I’ve still been feeling nauseous, plus I’ve been having crazy vivid dreams and have been very tired.  All of which are very typical early pregnancy symptoms for me.  I hope my symptoms continue!  Fingers crossed!  So now………we wait some more.  

   Shadow of a line???????????????

Now….We Wait

It’s only been 48 hours since the transfer and I’m already wanting to do a home pregnancy test LOL!  I’m gonna try to hold out until the weekend. 

Our slightly more official blood test will be in about two weeks but who can wait for that?! πŸ˜‰

So far, I’m feeling good!  I’ve had some moments of nausea last night and this morning but that could just be from the meds. (Although I didn’t have it before the transfer).  

We flew home from LA yesterday and our flight got delayed which made for a very long day and a late night.  We ended up having to do my progesterone shot at the airport.  Not cool.   

So glad to be home now and back with our kiddos!!!

So now…..we wait.  

Their Bun is in My Oven!

We had our transfer this morning!  Everything went great!  We transferred one beautiful, day 6 “hatching” embryo.  It was awesome to watch the embryo being transferred – actually it seemed more like it jumped into my uterus.  I guess it couldn’t wait to get in there πŸ˜‰.  Science is so freaking cool!!!!

  Me and R after the transfer. The hatching embryo just before transfer. And the embryo snuggling into my uterus.   

It’s Transfer Day!!!!!

Transfer is this morning. I can’t wait!!!!! I’m so exited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shane and I arrived in LA yesterday and spent the afternoon and evening with R.  It was so great to finally meet him in person.  We had so much fun hanging out, going to eat, and walking around Pasadena together!  Both R and E are such genuine, kind people – we adore them!!!!!

 Me and R 

Final Monitoring Appointment

I had my final monitoring appointment today and everything looked great!  My uterine lining is 15.4 mm and has the desired triple stripe.  So that means……that I could be getting pregnant on Monday morning!!!!!  We will be transferring one sweet embryo and hopefully it settles right into its temporary home!  We are all super excited!  I can’t wait!