We are all anxious to transfer again and we’re really believing that this third transfer is gonna be the one (just like it was on the guys’ last journey)!  

R and E want to have a biological child from each of them, so we are only transfering embryos from whichever one of them is not the biological father of their daughter.  Unfortunately, we are now out of those embryos.  So the agency is contacting their previous egg donor to see if she will donate again.  If not, R and E will need to select a new egg donor.  Once the donor is selected, we will sync our cycles so that we can do a fresh embryo transfer.  For now, we wait to hear back from the previous egg donor.  



Our beta was negative. Not a surprise given all my negative home pregnancy tests but still so disappointing.  All that effort – the medications, the injections, the blood draws and ultrasounds, the travel arrangements and childcare arrangements, the transfer, the bedrest, all of it for nothing.  But, that’s the risk with IVF.  Everything can look perfect, beautiful looking embryo, perfect hormone levels, ideal uterine lining and there’s still no guarantee.  

So now we’re hoping third times a charm.  Third try was certainly lucky for R & E last time as it resulted in their adorable daughter!

The Two Week Wait

The dreaded two week wait.  It really sucks.  Waiting to find out if your transfer was successful while the IVF meds trick you into thinking that you MUST be pregnant.  Currently I’m experiencing increasing nausea, increasing fatigue, a general “off” feeling, occasional light headedness, sensitive to smells, sensitive/veiny BBs, darkening around the areolas, and a few crazy, vivid dreams.  All of these symptoms are things I normally experience in early pregnancy, BUT they can also be side effects of the IVF meds.  

I have, of course, been testing at home.  (You may remember my pee stick addiction last transfer.  Well, it’s back in full affect as I’ve been testing twice a day since 3dpt).  Unfortunately, all of my tests have been negative so far.  😞  Today I am 8 days past transfer.  If tomorrow’s test is still negative, I’ll be fairly certain that this transfer didn’t work.  Beta is scheduled for Wednesday so we will find out for certain then.  It’s hard not to think of all the effort put into this transfer and how it was all likely for nothing.  But…it’s not over until beta. 

 And if this transfer didn’t work, then hopefully third times a charm!