Update: No Real Updates

I’ve been wanting to update for a while.  I’ve held off, hoping that any day now we’d actually have something to update.  But, unfortunately, there isn’t yet.  So I guess this is my nothing to update update.  😜

We’re still waiting. And waiting and waiting and waiting.  And then waiting some more.  And then??? Yep, more waiting.  

You may remember that after our unsuccessful transfer last May, R and E’s previous egg donor said that she would donate again but that she wasn’t available for several months.  We all agreed to wait for her.  I know the guys were excited to have the same egg donor for both of their children.  

Well, after we waited those several months, I guess the donor changed her mind.  So we waited for nothing.  

After that, R and E selected a new egg donor.  The donor had her genetic screening done and the results showed several recessive genetic mutations.  Typically not a big deal, unless the guys are also carriers.  So they needed to have their genetic screening done to make sure.  This proved to be difficult, giving us another delay; apparently sending genetic material (aka – saliva) internationally can be tricky.  Eventually it got sorted out and after a few weeks, we got those results back to cross check against the donors.  Everything looked good but after consulting with our RE, he still recommended that the guys not move forward with the donor due to her recessive mutations.     Ugh!!!  Why didn’t he just say so to begin with?  And why wasnt the egg donor prescreened and preapproved by our RE so we had this information from the beginning?!  Grrr – inefficiencies like this drive me crazy!  But…it is what it is.  

Now the guys will need to select a new donor and we will wait for her screening.  Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly and we can FINALLY get to our next transfer.  

I really hate waiting!  I want to have a tantrum over all this waiting. I want to scream and shout like a toddler.  It’s killing me watching as others that started their journeys after me have already given birth.  Of course I know that every journey is different and there often is no reason as to why things work the way they do.  As E says, these things work in mysterious ways.  Perhaps I was destined to be a part of THIS journey to learn a lesson in patience.  

Of course, all of this waiting won’t matter when R and E are holding their baby at the end of this.  When their daughter is looking into the eyes of her new baby brother or baby sister, the waiting will be long forgotten.  Helping to complete a family is worth the wait.  ❤️