First Ultrasound

We had our first ultrasound today!  Between my high betas and incredible exhaustion, I totally expected to see two babies on the ultrasound.  I really thought it was going to be twins.  Turns out there’s one strong baby in there kicking my butt.  One healthy baby with a heartbeat of 113 bpm!!!  To be honest, I’m a little relieved.  I know how to do a singleton pregnancy and delivery; I’ve rocked that four times already.  

R and E are thrilled!!!!  I am so happy for them!  

We are 6 weeks 1 day today so not much to see on the ultrasound yet, but we did see the flicker of the heartbeat.  😍


Beta #3

Beta #3 is 19,157!!!  We are thrilled!!  Ultrasound on Tuesday to see if we’ve got one or two snuggled up in there.  😊

The Two Week Wait

Waiting for beta feels like an eternity!!! Luckily, I’ve got home pregnancy tests and symptom tracking to keep me busy.  😉

Here’s what I’ve had so far:

Day of transfer – mild uterine cramping started about 5 hours after transfer

1dpt (days past transfer) – more uterine cramping, chills, thirsty, a few waves of nausea

2dpt – cramping, chills, tired

3dpt – cramping, chills, tired, shadow of a line on HPT – hubby couldn’t see it but I saw it

4dpt – cramping, tired, thirsty, nausea, sore breasts, headache, constantly feeling like I have to have a BM, faint line on HPT

5dpt – more intense cramping, major headache, reddish/pink bleeding, sore breasts, thirsty, faint line on HPT

6dpt – dull aching uterus, chills, sore breasts, thirsty, constant BM feeling, everything smells weird, nausea, line on HPT is slightly darker but still faint

7dpt – dull aching uterus, mild cramping and pulling, freezing cold all day, exhausted, vision is weird, heartburn, feeling out of it, breasts are way bigger and super veiny, darkening and small bumps around aereolas, constant BM feeling, line on HPT looks the same as yesterday

8dpt – aching uterus and hips, heartburn, nausea, much darker line on HPT!!!!  

It seems our luck has finally changed!  Beta is in three days.  I’m so excited for R and E!!!!!!!!!!!! 😊

Almost There!

Transfer is just three days away, which means my phone is constantly going off reminding me to take my meds!

In addition to the alarms above, I’ve also started my medrol dose pack and I do an estrogen injection every third night.  That means that every three nights I get to do TWO injections!  Good thing we’ve gotten so good at injections due to all that practice from the other transfers.  😄

This is the same medication protocol as our other two transfers.  Aside from some weight gain, a whole lot more cleavage, and being overly emotional, I don’t have any major side affects.

The testing results have come back for R and E’s embryos and they have several genetically normal embryos.  Yay!  In just three days, we will be back in California saying hello to these new little embies!!!  I can’t wait!