14 Weeks!

Feeling great!!! So thankful to have my energy back – it’s our spring break this week so I’ve been busy keeping my four kiddos busy. 😄

Now that I’m looking obviously pregnant, strangers have started congratulating me on the pregnancy. Luna, my almost 3-year-old, promptly informs them that it’s Madeline’s baby in my tummy (Madeline is the soon-to-be big sister; R and E’s daughter). ❤️

I took my kids swimming this week…apparently my cleavage and my bump are competing to see which can get bigger with this pregnancy.  😂


12 Weeks!

Woohoo!  12 weeks!!!  I’m finally done with the progesterone inserts which means I’m med free!  My nausea is basically gone and my energy is back up! Yay!!! My current cravings are salty chips or fries and fruit with lime juice and coconut.  I can’t get enough of these!!!  Hopefully the healthy fruit balances out the chips and fries.  😉

  Baby wants me to eat this ALL DAY LONG!  Yum!

Here’s my 12 week bump:

11 Weeks!

11 weeks already! My nausea is finally starting to go away.  And I had my first appointment with my OB this week.  It felt so good to be at my regular clinic with my own doctor.  The nurses and my OB are so excited for all of us!  We heard surro babe’s strong heartbeat at the appointment.  ❤️❤️❤️

I am so happy and excited for R and E and their daughter!!!!!!!

10 Weeks!

We had another ultrasound this week and baby is doing great!!!!!!  Heart rate was 181!  

Ultrasound technology is incredible!!!  Check out this awesome picture we got of sweet surro babe:

I can’t stop staring at this picture!  So amazing! ❤️❤️❤️

Bloodwork showed my hormone levels look great too so I get to stop taking my oral estrace now!  Yay!  I have two more weeks of vaginal progesterone and then I’ll be completely med free!  Hooray!!!!  And….I’ve officially been released from the fertility clinic!  Next week I’ll be seeing my regular OB.  😄

My morning sickness is still hanging around, but hopefully it’s on its way out!