18 Weeks!

This baby is getting more and more active.  I told the dads that their chances of having a calm, chill baby are slowly diminishing. 😄



You know you are pregnant when a. you literally HAVE to have this for lunch and b. an hour later you’re hungry again.

Crazy For Coconut

This little guy must know he’s from a more tropical climate. He’s trying to get closer to the tropics by forcing me to eat as much coconut as possible. Lol!
Coconut on fruit, coconut yogurt, coconut cookies, trail mix with dried coconut, smoothies with coconut milk….if there’s coconut in it, I have to have it!!!!!!

Coconut yogurt with berries and coconut on top! ❤️

My Mini Me

My mini me!!!

Luna walked into the room like this and announced that she has Madeline’s baby in her tummy. 😂. (Madeline is surro babe’s soon-to-be big sister/the dads’ 3-year-old daughter. Madeline and Luna are friends via skype). ❤️