Operation Aussie Baby, Here We Go!

We are officially on our way to Ben and Ryan’s sweet little Aussie baby! I had my medical screening with their RE last month and everything looked great! Their RE said that I have a beautiful uterus. 😄

Our first (and hopefully only) transfer is just around the corner! My first monitoring appointment was this week. Unfortunately, my uterine lining was much too thick (we want to start the cycle with a thin uterine lining so that it builds up with a fresh, new lining just before transfer). So the RE has prescribed me a medication to induce a second period after which we will check my lining again (and hopefully it’ll be nice and thin). Regardless of this minor delay, we’re all SO EXCITED to be at this point! And we’re feeling incredibly hopeful and optimistic!

This clinic has a slightly different med protocol compared to my previous transfers. We will be using my body’s natural cycle to time our transfer. This allows us to use some of my own natural hormones rather than relying solely on the IVF medications. It means more monitoring appointments to closely track my cycle and having to be flexible with the exact transfer date. But it also means less injectable medications! Yay! Plus, though I have no idea if this med protocol correlates into higher success rates, it makes sense to me to use what my body naturally produces and to time our transfer with when my body is naturally most receptive to a pregnancy.

Ben and Ryan will be here for a visit in just a few weeks! And hopefully we will have our transfer then too! SO EXCITED!!! 🤞🏻🤰🏼👨‍👨‍👧


Happy New Year!

I know that 2017 will always hold a special place in my heart. I will forever treasure this past year and the amazing journey my family and I shared with Milo’s daddies.

As I think about 2018, I’m so excited and hopeful. I’m excited for Ben and Ryan and their dream of becoming fathers. And I’m hopeful that this time next year I’ll be sharing another picture collage of another incredible journey. I can’t wait!!!

We’re Official!

The gestational carrier agreement, or contract, is basically a 60 page document full of declarations and legal jargon. It covers every possible “what if” scenario that could arise during a journey and it lays out any and all aspects of the journey which Ben, Ryan, Shane, and I have previously discussed and agreed upon. Our contract is now complete making our match official! Yay!! We’re one step closer to transfer!

We’ve been texting every day with Ben and Ryan. Our friendship has developed so easily and so naturally. We just adore them! And we are so grateful that the fates aligned, bringing us all together!

Next week, I’m meeting with Ben and Ryan’s RE and completing my medical screening. After that, we will be able to schedule the transfer! And Ben and Ryan are coming for a visit in February – we can’t wait!!!!!!!!

We’re Matched!!!!!!

I am so excited to share that Shane and I are matched for a second journey! We received a profile last week and as soon as we read it we had this overwhelming feeling that it’s the right match for us. The intended parents felt the same way about my profile! Our feelings were confirmed at our match meeting. We all felt completely comfortable and none of us could stop smiling throughout our Skype meeting. We excitedly agreed that we want to move forward together!

So who are these awesome intended parents…?


Their names are Ryan and Ben and they’re from Australia. They are incredibly sweet, kind, and personable. And they are beyond excited to become fathers. Their happiness, joy and excitement for this journey is so genuine; we’re thrilled to be a part of that. We’ve only been matched for a week but it feels like we’ve known them for much longer. Shane and I truly feel that this match was meant to be and we are so honored and excited to get to be a part of helping Ben and Ryan on their path to parenthood.

We’re working on our legal contract now and hope to transfer by early March. In the meantime, we are enjoying getting to know each other via text and Skype. My kids have been peppering the guys with questions about Australia (koala bears, Vegemite, kangaroos…). 😄

Ben and Ryan are planning to come for a visit in the next couple of months. We can’t wait to hang out with them in person!

If all goes well, this time next year, we’ll be watching our new friends become fathers. ❤️

*Names and photo shared with permission.

A Second Journey?

I can’t believe Milo is nearly 2 months old!  He is doing great – eating and sleeping well, starting to smile, and making cute baby sounds.  Madeline and R and E are back in their routine at home and loving life as a family of four.  ❤️

In other exciting news, Shane and I have decided to do another journey! My OB and several REs have approved me. While we’re nervous a second journey won’t turn out as amazingly as our journey with R and E did, Shane and I are hopeful for another awesome match and another beautiful journey!  Stay tuned!

Was it hard to give the baby up?

I’ve been asked this question many times since Milo was born.  My response is always the same: Nope, not even a little bit.  Milo was never my baby.  I didn’t give him up.  I gave him back.

I didn’t develop a maternal connection to Milo during the pregnancy.  I felt towards him the way I feel about my friends’ babies or the kids that I used to baby sit.  I cared about him and I wanted to protect him but I didn’t feel the way I felt when carrying my own children.

And I didn’t have that crazy rush of emotion when he was born like I did with my own children.  When R laid Milo on my chest, my heart didn’t explode with love.  I didn’t fall head over heels for this tiny little person.  But I watched as R and E did.  I watched as their hearts exploded with love.  I watched as they fell head over heels.  And in the midst of that special moment, E turned to me, teary eyed, and mouthed thank you.  I’ll never, ever forget that moment.  Nor will I forget the emotional hugs and the joy that we all shared at Milo’s birth.

What I did feel when Milo was born was incredibly happy and incredibly proud.  My dream of helping a family through surrogacy has finally come true. I did it!  These awesome dads now have a son, and their daughter now has a brother, their families now have a new grandson, a nephew, a cousin….I played a huge part in making that happen.  When Milo’s grandma arrived in town after the birth, she gave me the biggest hug and expressed such gratitude to me. I helped bring joy and happiness to this family.  I’m so proud and honored to have been able to do so.

This experience was simply amazing and we now share a very special connection with our friends across the the globe.  ❤️

I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!  In fact, my OB has cleared me to do another journey…so hopefully I get the chance to!

“If you have the power to make someone else happy, you should do it.  The world needs more of that.”

Until We Meet Again

Milo and family headed home yesterday.  Such a bittersweet moment saying good bye to them all!  I am so proud to have helped grow this family and I’m so excited for them to return home as a family of four and for Milo to meet his extended family and friends.  But we will definitely miss them!  We’ve become great friends and we share such a special connection.  Thank goodness for texting and skype and social media; makes it easy to keep in touch.  😉  And we very much hope to go to Brazil some day for a visit.  My sweet kiddos offered to give up a trip to Disney World to go to Brazil instead (if only getting to Brazil was as easy as getting to Orlando!).

Getting some last cuddles with Milo before they left.  ❤️

Milo’s last batch of breastmilk.  I’m so glad I was able to provide breastmilk for him while they were here! It’s so good for him! *Although I’m not gonna miss pumping, it’s a full time job!  I’ll be slowly stopping pumping now that they’re gone, and the first pump to go was my middle of the night pump.  Woohoo for FINALLY sleeping through the night!!!!!  I’m donating any remaining milk to a local family that’s just adopted twins.

Shane and I have both felt quite melancholy since they’ve left.  It reminds me of how I felt after my wedding.  So much effort and time and planning and then it’s just…over.  We spent more than two years on this journey, working towards helping grow this family, and now our part of the journey is done.  We’re both kind of feeling like “now what”?  It really was a wonderful experience and a truly awesome adventure!!!!! Until we meet again!  ❤️❤️❤️