Happy Father’s Day

Celebrating my husband today – our family adventure leader! He fills our lives with adventure (even though it’s a challenge with our big crew)!

I’m especially thankful for his support of our latest adventure, my crazy idea of becoming a surrogate. He didn’t hesitate to make my dream his dream. Never complaining about having to be home every single night to give me my hormone injections.  Picking up the slack at home when my first trimester exhaustion and morning sickness was in full swing.  Patiently listening to me whine during all the delays and frustrations we endured throughout our journey.  Making sure all my cravings are satisfied, no matter the time of day.  Making me feel beautiful throughout my hormone induced acne flare ups and weight gain.  Never complaining from being woken up at night as I toss and turn, trying to get comfortable with this big belly.  Putting up with all of my overly emotional dramatics that come with these pregnancy hormones.  Laughing with me when we’re out as a family and people stare at us like we’re completely insane, thinking we’re pregnant with our 5th.   And most importantly, for loving being a dad so much that he, too, can’t wait to help someone else become a father.

I love you Shane!  Thanks for being on this adventure with me!!!!!!!  xoxo

25 Weeks!

And so it begins….I just had someone ask me if I’m due any day now.  

This is familiar territory – I’ve shown early and fast with all of my pregnancies (my narrow frame combined with being short waisted means the belly has nowhere to go but straight out in front) so I’m very used to people asking me this endlessly for the last few months of pregnancy!

While at the pool yesterday, my boys informed me that when I float on my back, my belly sticks out of the water like a shark fin. 😂

24 Weeks!

We’re 6 months!!! My daughter was telling surro babe that he’s really lucky because he has two daddies so that means he’ll get lots and lots of tickles. Lol!!!!! Apparently Daddy tickles are the best! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

We had our 6 month appointment this week and everything looks great!  Blood pressure is low, hemoglobin is great, uterus is measuring at exactly 24 weeks, baby’s heart rate is awesome at 145, and I passed the glucose test with flying colors.  Yay!!!!!  

Based on my past delivery history, my OB predicts surro babe will be here in 14 weeks or so!  We are all so excited!  

23 Weeks!  

Surro babe must have had another growth spurt because I’m feeling less flips and turns and more kicks and pokes.  And he must be head down now because I’m rocking a bit of a pregnancy waddle.  Still feeling good!  School ends this week so my kids and I are super excited for the slower pace of summer.  

22 Weeks!

Sill feeling great!!!  Surro babe got A LOT of attention in my Child Psychology class this week! One of my students was looking at my belly right when the baby did a big kick and she excitedly yelled that she could see the baby moving which got all my students super excited. So I went around the room and they each tried to feel him moving. Talk about hands on learning, right? 😉

My uterus is an ALLY


I heard about surrogacy when I was a teenager – ever since then I always knew it was something I would do when my own family was complete. Being a mom was so important to me – if I wouldn’t have been able to have children, I would have been devastated and I would have hoped someone would have been willing to help me.

I got my happily ever after and now I’m helping another family get theirs.

Did I set out wanting to carry for two dads?  Yes!!!!  When researching surrogacy, I came across many articles and blog posts from men who didn’t want to come out for fear that it would mean that they couldn’t be fathers.  It breaks my heart to think that anyone feels like they can’t be who they truly are.  I pictured if it was one of my sons, or nephews, or students –  I never want them to think that they can’t be true to themselves.  I want them to know that they can have the world and that who they choose to love has no bearing on that.

I LOVE that my kids are seeing that families come in all shapes and sizes.  And I love that they know that I support gay families.

Equality is something that is incredibly important to me.  I may not be able to change the world and make things fair and right for everyone, but I can give the world to this family, and change their life.  I feel so lucky and honored to be able to do so.