35 Weeks!

35 weeks already!  Surro babe is still measuring big and my amniotic fluid is measuring on the high side.  No wonder I’m so huge and squished!  

An elderly woman approached me recently, put her hands on my belly, and told me that you’re not supposed to eat the watermelon whole.  Lol!!

Surro babe has decided that during my weekly fetal non stress test is the perfect time to take a good nap.   This results in lots of poking and pushing on my belly trying to get him to wake up, followed by the nurse bringing me a kool-aid juice box and chocolates.  The sugar always gets him to wake and he then quickly passes the test.  

Here we are doing the stress test (standard practice with my OB when baby is measuring big).  The bands measure contractions as well as the baby’s heart rate.  Then I have to press the little clicker any time I feel him move.  To pass the test they want to see his heart accelerate in relation to his movements.  
Everything looks great – and we’re still thinking baby will be here 1-2 weeks early.  So exciting!  


25 Weeks!

And so it begins….I just had someone ask me if I’m due any day now.  

This is familiar territory – I’ve shown early and fast with all of my pregnancies (my narrow frame combined with being short waisted means the belly has nowhere to go but straight out in front) so I’m very used to people asking me this endlessly for the last few months of pregnancy!

While at the pool yesterday, my boys informed me that when I float on my back, my belly sticks out of the water like a shark fin. 😂

14 Weeks!

Feeling great!!! So thankful to have my energy back – it’s our spring break this week so I’ve been busy keeping my four kiddos busy. 😄

Now that I’m looking obviously pregnant, strangers have started congratulating me on the pregnancy. Luna, my almost 3-year-old, promptly informs them that it’s Madeline’s baby in my tummy (Madeline is the soon-to-be big sister; R and E’s daughter). ❤️

I took my kids swimming this week…apparently my cleavage and my bump are competing to see which can get bigger with this pregnancy.  😂

11 Weeks!

11 weeks already! My nausea is finally starting to go away.  And I had my first appointment with my OB this week.  It felt so good to be at my regular clinic with my own doctor.  The nurses and my OB are so excited for all of us!  We heard surro babe’s strong heartbeat at the appointment.  ❤️❤️❤️

I am so happy and excited for R and E and their daughter!!!!!!!