Until We Meet Again

Milo and family headed home yesterday.  Such a bittersweet moment saying good bye to them all!  I am so proud to have helped grow this family and I’m so excited for them to return home as a family of four and for Milo to meet his extended family and friends.  But we will definitely miss them!  We’ve become great friends and we share such a special connection.  Thank goodness for texting and skype and social media; makes it easy to keep in touch.  😉  And we very much hope to go to Brazil some day for a visit (my sweet kiddos offered to give up a trip to Disney World to go to Brazil instead).  

Getting some last cuddles with Milo before they left.  ❤️

Milo’s last batch of breastmilk.  I’m so glad I was able to provide breastmilk for him while they were here!  *Although I’m not gonna miss pumping, it’s like a full time job!  I’ll be slowly stopping pumping now that they’re gone, and the first pump to go was my middle of the night pump.  Woohoo for FINALLY sleeping through the night!!!!!

Shane and I have both felt quite melancholy since they’ve left.  It reminds me of how I felt after my wedding.  So much effort and time and planning and then it’s just…over.  We spent more than two years on this journey, working towards helping grow this family, and now our part of the journey is done.  We’re both kind of feeling like “now what”?  It really was a wonderful experience and a truly awesome adventure!!!!! Until we meet again!  ❤️❤️❤️


36 Weeks!

36 weeks and baby is measuring 8 lbs 14 ounces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m dilated to 3 and 75% effaced! R will be here on Monday.  E will be here a week later with their daughter.  I’ll definitely be taking it easy until Monday and I had a chat with surro babe, telling him he has to stay put at least until his Daddy gets here, and preferably until both daddies and his big sister are here.  😉

Coincidentally, Monday is Labor Day.  Lol!

Lately I’ve been feeling exactly how I felt right before my own babies were born.  Looks like it’s nearly time to deliver this not-so-little guy back into his daddies’ arms.  We’re so excited!

35 Weeks!

35 weeks already!  Surro babe is still measuring big and my amniotic fluid is measuring on the high side.  No wonder I’m so huge and squished!  

An elderly woman approached me recently, put her hands on my belly, and told me that you’re not supposed to eat the watermelon whole.  Lol!!

Surro babe has decided that during my weekly fetal non stress test is the perfect time to take a good nap.   This results in lots of poking and pushing on my belly trying to get him to wake up, followed by the nurse bringing me a kool-aid juice box and chocolates.  The sugar always gets him to wake and he then quickly passes the test.  

Here we are doing the stress test (standard practice with my OB when baby is measuring big).  The bands measure contractions as well as the baby’s heart rate.  Then I have to press the little clicker any time I feel him move.  To pass the test they want to see his heart accelerate in relation to his movements.  
Everything looks great – and we’re still thinking baby will be here 1-2 weeks early.  So exciting!  

BIG Baby!

We are 8 months this week!  The weeks are flying by!  

Our appointment this week went great.  Surro babe is head down (yay!) and looks perfect! His heart rate is 155 which is awesome. He is measuring 6.6 pounds already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  No wonder I feel so huge and squished! Check out his adorable chubby cheeks:  

I will be seeing my OB weekly now for the remainder of the pregnancy. Whenever a baby is on the bigger side, my OB does weekly ultrasounds and fetal non stress tests just making sure that the baby is thriving. Because of a marginal placenta we’ve been watching surro babe making sure he’s growing enough and now we’re watching him because he’s grown so much! Oh the irony! 

R and E are busy getting everything ready for their stay here (flights, short term rental, all the newborn gear, etc.).  So exciting!!!

Bonding From Afar 

We are 31 weeks!!  My babies all came 1-2 weeks early so we are anticipating the same for this birth.  That means that surro babe will likely be back in his daddies’ arms where he belongs in just 7 to 8 weeks!  In the meantime, surro babe spends his evenings listening to voice messages from his daddies and big sister (with the help of Belly Buds).  I play the messages every evening when surro babe is most active so he can bond with his family and know their voices when he’s born.  ❤️